Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A trip to the Children's Hospital

For me!

At long last it looks like the Long QT Syndrome genetic testing will begin in earnest. We met with the geneticists at the hospital yesterday and my blood is now on its way to having DNA extracted. All that is left to do is wait... first on financial approval from the hospital (which is fairly sure), and then probably 6 to 12 months more, while the people in Italy study our files and my blood. They tell us that if there is a gene issue that there's a 70% chance that they can identify that... well, that's a 70% better chance than we've ever had. My hope is that before Nini is a teenager, they'll be able to draw her blood and rule out LQT on the spot. Dida has never had symptoms, but that doesn't rule her out as a carrier.

As as an update... it didn't take the universe long to whack me in the head about the wind comment. Yesterday's ride home was near impossible; the wind was so fierce. As I was coming down HOME ROAD it was a direct headwind that slowed the bike down to a crawl.. without brakes I was just creeping down. The ride along the river was against a crosswind that wanted to push the bike over; trees were whipping around me and generally it was an hour of a special kind of hell.

Barely even knit last night. By 9:30 I was in bed.

Sometimes a person should just shut the heck up.

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Unknown said...

I so happy that the blood is finally on it's way.
Headwinds are a killer. Glad you made it home safe.