Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So, IK?

How about some formal instructions for our sit-up regiment?

We're going to climb a wall together, you see, and we need to develop core strength. Imagine that.

Lots of dyers and spinners and fiber-crazed bloggers have been talking about 'hooping' (IK, I can hear you from here). I am thinking that there's possibly a hula-hoop in my basement, and I might give it a try. Don't know what it'll do for my core, but it could develop my sense of humour.

Alright.. off to work.


Trish said...

The Wii has a hooping option. Enjoy!

Kourtney said...

I got hula hoops for Am & myself. ($3 at the dollar store at dalhousie). And now, I'm telling myself that my inability to hula hoop is because my center of gravity has changed because of the babe. It's not that I've totally lost touch with my youth.

Got an exercise ball? They make all sorts of core exercises feel like fun.

Bellflower said...

Well something's gotta be done!

Shell said...

I'm glad you're ok, but I'd like a word alone with that woman about her dog... not properly training is not an option. The dog should be muzzled if he can't behave. Poor jogger. Poor dog.

I'll stop by the shop when I can.