Friday, June 5, 2009

I am deeply sad

Tho I'm not really sure why. Ever feel that way?

At 1am on a Friday morning, when you need to wake up in a few hours and do and do and do and do, and then do it all over again?

I feel like that.

Maybe it won't really rain or snow, and I can ride my bike. Oxygenating the brain seems to help all kinds of stuff.


indiknits said...

Yep. I feel like that way sometimes. It's inexplicable sometimes, and that's frustrating too. If I'm going to feel sad, I'd love to know why, ya know?

Go for a walk. Air helps.

marnie said...

I know that feeling. There's never any one thing you can put your finger on... you just feel sad.

A cup of tea always helps me... or taking the dog for a walk.

Kourtney said...

I get that too. Sometimes action helps, and sometimes I find just sitting still & letting it settle helps too - like tea leaves, you know? Sunshine helps too, although there doesn't look to be much of that today.


Trish said...

Dooode, big hugs. How did the Dotly cake go over? Was it a hit Nan?



Cindy said...

hugs, I hope you're feeling better now.

Shell said...

I wore mittens today, freaking cold, but at least we have knitwear, eh?