Monday, June 1, 2009

I admit it, I'm a stalker

I've been crazy in love with Cormo for more than a year, and had myself the sweetest little hogget fleece (#750 to be exact) that I was sllllllowly (and I cannot stress that enough) flicking and spinning. I'd scoured it imperfectly, so the locks weren't intact, but it was still coming along well. Recently VikingMaid made me some combs, so man.. did the pace pick up. I combed the rest of the fleece, and it is now spun, plied and wet finished. It's dry even.. just hanging on my baker's rack in the kitchen. I have 5 matching skeins, and I have a couple of ideas, but right now all I want to do is squeeze it now and again.

(There will be no discussions relating to unmatched skeins, and I would appreciate that mathematically ept readers do not try to estimate the weight of discarded fiber. fyi: I have just invented 'ept', but there should be such a word to counter 'inept', don't you agree?)

Never in my life have I felt yarn so soft and bouncy. It defies description; honest.

The stalking thing started so innocently. I decided that I truly have too much fleece at the moment, and I need to deal with what I have on hand. That seems logical. Then I got the combs (speeding things up), and I got a Pat Green triple picker (hmmm.. so many ideas!), and, OK I admit it, my Visa card kindly bought me a Strauch Finest drumcarder (it's so thoughtful that way. I went into some kind of trance in the store, and before I knew it, the drumcarder was in the trunk. That would be the drumcarder that I cannot afford in any conceivable way, the drumcarder that I am actually quiet embarrassed about. THAT ONE)... phew.... where was I?

Yes,.. Eventually I thought.. gosh, wouldn't it be a nice thing to go look at the 2009 Cormo fleeces and see what all the lucky people are going to buy? And since I'm a 2008 customer, I'll have first dibs. Even tho.. you know.. I'm not going to buy one.

Strangely, no 2009's on the website. Not even one. I knew that everybody was shorn (you know these things when you read every word of someone's website 10 times, and have memorized the 'news' page), so maybe I just need to try another browser? Or.. you know, refresh 20 times a day? Just to look, you understand.

Seems natural that a person would just email Sue and see how things are, and you know, pass along all best wishes. While I'm writing, might as well ask about those fleeces, right?

Even though I'm not going to buy one. No way am I going to. For sure.


mtlaise said...

Oh, how you make me laugh! I miss you!

Gale Bulkley said...

How about not buying one for me too!

...AnnaRose... said...

Sounds great with your new drumcarder and the triple picker. I have a drumcarder from and it would be interesting to see the differences.
And re the unmatched skeins: That's why we're spinning, right? Buying matching skeins of industrial yarn is too easy sometimes ;)


karen said...

Oh my stars do I now what you mean about the cormo. I have a couple of pounds that I am coming to the end of spinning (from Morro Fleeceworks) and it makes me SAD. Sproingy, luscious cormo. How I love it!

Kayla W said...

I've been stalking that site, too! Could you drop me a line when you get a reply from Sue? I don't necessarily need the cormo, but I WANT it.

Annie said...

ak: maybe we should have a drumcarder'o'thon.
karen: i have some morrow cormo here. man, they rock the free world.
kayla: sue says she is having computer issues, but her tech should be there soon to sort it out. i'll let you know soon what i don't buy.