Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a very good friday the 13th

My Mug got herself the best report card I've ever seen, and through it, I benefit by getting my second free breakfast at the school. She's on the honour roll again! I can barely contain myself, I'm so proud.


I thought I lost her today... she walked home from school alone, and as we had discussed, she dropped in to Make One to visit with Sandra. I asked her to call me when she got home.. well, at 5pm BFML called to ask if I'd heard from her? After I'd told everyone left at the store that I had an emergency, and would be closing (I feel compelled to say that the store closes at 5 on Fridays..), I thought that she might have stayed a long time with Sandra, rather than dropping by for a quick hello. Phew... she was there. It's moments like that one that make you realize how much you love someone.

I've taken a few nights off of my not-so-secret project due to pure exhaustion (insomnia 6, annie 1). It's not the kind of thing you can knit with a fuzzy brain and crossed eyes. I'm almost through the second row of an upside-down haiku. Once the first row was completed, I had something to 'read', as I knit.. so it's going pretty well. When you're facing 600 stitches, the idea of frogging is not what I'd call enticing.

Today I was thinking about things that remind me of my childhood.. I was remembering the green leather seats and shiny stainless steel bars on the bus (we rode it a lot, as our mother didn't drive). I was thinking about cheddar cheese popcorn and floral gums from the Olde English Sweet Shoppe. I was thinking about garter stitch.

I've been knitting since I was 4, and when I close my eyes, I can see row upon row of perfect garter stitch in the squares I used to knit. I think I got all of my mother's ends to work with, so everything was striped (Until I learned how to knit baby clothes, and suddenly I owned entire balls of yarn. Seems to me that I might have been quite useful to my mother as cousins appeared; nieces and nephews arrived).

As I knit on my new project.. which is acres of garter stitch.. I am feeling that I am in a very familiar, very comforting place. I hope it continues.

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Unknown said...

Natasha and Dida look like sisters!
Good Luck with the new project. The number of stitches over my head.

Hooray for Mug!!!! and You!!!!