Monday, March 2, 2009


Dida has been in Toronto since late last week, because her Grampa had taken a fall, and.. being as he's 93, it went from bad to worse and he was fading fast. Well, here it is a week later, and he's still chugging along (tho he had a stroke today, and is hating the indignity of these last days). He's frustrated. He's angry. He's present. He's not.

She told me that he keeps trying to remove his feeding tube, and demanding that someone give him his GD keys so that he can drive home and get something to eat.

That sounds like the Jack I knew.. feisty as all get out. Determined. Up until the fall he was both driving, and traveling. He had things pretty well under control until he cracked his head, broke his pelvis and injured his back. Until he began bleeding internally. Until he stopped eating.

He's losing touch now and then, and during one fade-out he told Dida that he had some Japanese pornography hidden in the basement of his house. She's staying there with her dad and her aunt, so she and her two cousins went on a search mission. Sure enough, she found some drawings that he must have thought deserved hiding. I think she and the cousins had a good laugh over what Grampa had been hiding since the war - art.

In a state this afternoon, he told Dida that the Lieutenant told him that he wasn't the same, and that it was time to go.

Stand down soldier. Stand down.


Unknown said...

My mother is 93, and that is my greatest fear. She still lives alone and doesn't want to hear about an assisted living (she says she's not ready for that - or maybe they're not ready for her).

Sounds like he had a great run. Sad when any loved one goes, of course.

Kourtney said...

Oh Annie. Such a tough time for everyone. My thoughts are with your family.

(Also, the japanese pornography thing? Very funny, especially given the anime porn available now. Those are the kinds of things to try & remember about this time in his life, I think.)

OhAmyKP said...

Hi Annie, just passing by and wanted to tell you that this post was a little bitter-sweet and that the love & respect you have for jack is shown in your writing. I welled up a bit. Thanks for sharing.