Monday, September 15, 2008

Waffles were made

.. Good Lord. Note to self: before you start to make Belgian waffles for the first time, read the recipe. Turns out its waffles for an army, and it involves yeast, a meringue, and waiting for hours between bouts of stirring (Or you could whip the whites until you saw a few bubbles, chuck that in, and start cooking. Seems effective). Maddie ate one and told me she was full. I spent the next hour cooking all the rest and freezing them for Bgaidan.

The GOOD NEWS is that I made it to Bessthespinner's house, along with a number of other fiber obsessed women. Many of the people there are members of the SCA, and I learned quite a lot throughout the day. It was FABULOUS, and I loved it. Show and tell was so great, because everyone was doing everything, and there was just a huge amount to look at. Bess showed off her stash, which is a thing of such magnitude that it requires housing in several (yes, I said several) deep freezes, plus a collection of sealed bags large enough to contain.. well, let's say a LOT of fiber and yarn). Bess sent me home with the wheel from an antique walking wheel, as well as an antique flax wheel for the shop. Tracy came armed with samples of home made hand balm. Jess brought the richest, most buttery brownies.

I'm going to camp at Bess' until the next fiber madness meeting. It was THAT good.

No pictures, because I got all engrossed and forgot to take out my camera.

Links to follow.. cuz I have to go shopping for dogfood before work.


Gale Bulkley said...

I don't know the difference, but can that waffler make standard waffles too? I have the most fantastic standard waffle recipe in the known universe. Let me know and I'll send it along.

Glad it was nice chez Bess.

Anonymous said...

Spinning, stash, wheels, and waffles? Sounds like fun!