Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I'd miss if I had a Kindle, which I don't.


Correna and I have been reading about Queens. We've been passing books back and forth and been having a ball with the entire thing; Marilynn kicked in a book or two for us to share.

Come to think of it, I pass almost all soft cover books along when I'm done. I often buy used books.. What happens to that whole quaint, wonderful industry (could you even call it that?) if we all had Kindles?

I dunno how I feel about it. Still want one though, but that's greed speaking. Have you seen the 6" version?


mtlaise said...

Well, if the roommie is any indication, owning an e-reader doesn't reduce the amount of physical books - new or used - that you buy at all! Also, I've tried both the Kindle and Kobo, so if you're looking for comparisons, give me a shout.

random Cindy said...

That sounds wonderful. I don't read anymore. Well, not adult fiction at least. Some how-to books but the rest is for kids. Maybe I should get off the computer huh? For a little more money I'd get an iPad instead of a Kindle. Rich and I used to do that, read the same books and discuss, now we just watch crime TV and dissect the plot ahead of the script. I do have an Agatha Christie I've never read that I found at the annual town book sale. Right, signing off then. :-)

Kourtney said...

I'm going to get an iphone so that I can get the kindle reader so that I can finally take all the books that I want with me on holiday!

Read any about Helen of Troy? She suffers from bad press, I tell you.

Lori said...

I'm catching up on my blog reader feed so I'm a bit late on this one but thought I'd pipe up. I have a Sony eReader and LOVE it. I was an obsessive paperback purchaser and often shared with friends, and this is really the only drawback for me (or when I forget to charge it). I'm trying to talk my main sharing friend into getting one too so we can share ePub files.