Thursday, February 18, 2010

The answer is:

Alright Mrs. Tiano, we have a little story for you.

Marilynnie is going to walk across England (no kidding, she really is). She's in training right now, and she is looking into buying some good, sturdy hiking boots this weekend. Every morning she is going to strap those boots on, and she's going to walk about 15 miles across England. She'll be taking her lunch with her. Also her very awesome husband Doug (who is going to heaven for sure). And a bunch of other hikers.

So we asked her what we thought you'd ask her.

And we all burst out laughing because we knew darned well what you'd say. It's hard to have you so far away, that is for sure.

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Unknown said...

WHAT!! there are to many thing to say about this!! my head hurts