Saturday, December 27, 2008

Man bashing on Ravelry

I was just reading a random Ravelry post that started out as a pattern request, and ended in a multi page diatribe regarding how stupid men are... and it just made me wonder what the heck people think when they are typing. It's not whispering into the ear of a confidant, it's whispering into the ears of 250,000 crafts-people, many of whom are, in fact, men.

If the posts were by men, about their stupid wives.. well, I don't believe it would have gone so far. Nor should it have.

So, I just wanted to whisper into the ears of 250,000 (ok.. that might have been stretching the truth a little) that my man is the very best one, and I really, really appreciate him. He made me a wonderful, thoughtful Christmas which included getting a beautiful tree, buying me yarn that was so fabulous that I wouldn't buy it for myself, surprising me with gifts that I had mentioned loving, taking care of the kids and even cooking Christmas dinner while I was working. He's learning how to knit, and bought enough alpaca to make me a awesome scarf.

Now, that is one thoughtful human being, and I'm lucky he's my partner.


velmalikevelvet said...

You are half right: man-bashing, on Ravelry and elsewhere, is so 2003. What *are* they thinking? BUT. *My* husband is the best in the world, not yours. ;)

Seriously though, I think you make an excellent point. Some PEOPLE leave something to be desired in their behavior, both men AND women. Thanks for having the ovaries to say so!

Jocelyn said...

You're right, you do have the very bestest one. Your stories about him make my heart grow three times big.

Linda said...

I don't know... my husband is pretty darned terrific. I think we should start an I Have The Best Husband thread... heh!

Unknown said...


OK Jims coo and does some amazing things, but, I have to give credit here to Lee for living alone mon-fri and taking on the critters.