Sunday, May 4, 2008

The elephant has left the building

It looks downright spacious in here without it. As well, all the paint was rehomed to a local fire station, so we're making some real progress here! BF and I have made a promise to make some kind of impact (small or large) every weekend. This weekend and last would fall under the category of LARGE.

Do you own the possessions, or do the possessions own you?

So, here's a crazy little story for you. Scroll back and you'll see that Mug was in her school play on April 23 and 24. After the last performance, her drama teacher gave each student a red rose in thanks. Mug cut the bottom off the rose and put it in a vase in the kitchen. The picture I've posted is that rose, approximately 10 minutes ago. It hasn't softened, it is only now in the process of opening, and it has somehow grown a branch with some tender green leaves.

Somebody needs to explain that to me, because I've never had a rose that lasted more than a day or two before it collapsed in a heap.

Sock wars starts this coming week; I'm expecting my target information on May 9th. I think I'm going to have to put down the Hemlock Ring, it's killing my wrists and I need them in good shape for my first assassination. :)

And.. I'm officially out of the hardwood business. Emptied the truck, put my tools in the basement and turned down the job. That was then, and this is now.

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