Saturday, August 2, 2008

The whoooooshing sound you heard

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Was 24 balls of Silk Garden Sock Yarn flying out of the store.

I am not joking even a little bit. It was all gone within 20 minutes. Would have been 10 had I been able to enter it into the computer system faster. I was lucky enough to get two for myself. S245, and S252.

You might know that I'm an addicted Silk Garden Lite knitter.. I've been making DK weight socks for BF out of it, and I'm so happy to see this new product. It is a tighter twist, and has the addition of some nylon, so the socks will last longer.

It's a good thing... A very good thing.


aunty tink said...

About the time Sandra called me to tell me that the yarn was in, I was at Spy Hill Land Fill. My timing sucks!

Jocelyn said...

Oh! SURE! Wait until I'm safely away to get the *good* stuff in. That's fine, just FINE! I don't need any new sock yarn anyway. hehehe!

Anonymous said...

You wanna swop them for Icelandic wool hihihihihi kisses to you Ragna