Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am in the Ravelympics

Hence, not much in the way of posts... I entered the Sweatersprint catetory, and so far it's going quite well; in fact, the body of the sweater I'm knitting is about 1.5" away from being finished. As usual, I'm concerned about running out of yarn; but no matter what happens, I'm going to make it work. Maybe it'll have shorter sleeves than I had first anticipated? Maybe it will be perfect. I am using the Miss Priss colourway that I overdyed; it's wayyyyyy richer in real life. Gorgeous. The sweater, however, is not much to look at yet. It needs another day or two before it will become somewhat photogenic.


You might note that this is traditionally where I stall on a sweater. However.. stalling isn't an olympic option, is it?

I'm also in a sock exchange, but I haven't cast on yet, because I haven't decided on a pattern. Recently we bought every skein of Rivercity Yarn's Blue Moon STR that we could afford, so I am definitely not short of options to knit with.. just ideas.

Dida's birthday is in a few days, then my birthday, then Camp Pluckyfluff, then Rhinebeck, then the Make One Fall 2008 retreat.. then Christmas? Holy smokes. Too darned much.

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