Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sheep wrecked blog harlot

(I believe this is a fair representation of the moments before a sheep wreck - though I'm not sure which of the two riders is the harlot)

or, if you prefer:

mandie fibre dye australie (hmmm.. think someone was looking for mandie? you'll find her out there in the australie outback)

These are two successful ways to search in Google, and find my blog.

Ravelympics related; I'm almost done the first sleeve, so I'm about to come around the last corner with this sweater. Then I need to cast on socks.. better yet, socks with a deadline. I'm going to knit them in STR, and I'm kind of excited about them.

I'm really tired. So this is short, sweet, and I'm going for the humour factor. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Mandie said...

You just made me nose snort coffee!
Love from Mandie in Outback Australie

knittinggrammy said...

I really needed this chuckle this morning Bananie - thanks for that!! Love ya!!

Kayla W said...

Bahah. Australie.