Sunday, August 31, 2008

Need brain food now

Brain food, and carbs. I'm kind of South Beaching, and have been for 3 or 4 days, so I feel a bit off wack, a bit carb-cravey, and mostly just flipping tired. Michellie said that it's been a hard month, and no wonder I feel so worn out. I'm going to agree there.

I did a search on brain food, and basically it seems like I could use foods high in B vitamins. Tho, I'm not thinking clearly, so it could have said that I need to eat rice pudding. Who knows.

The knitting... geez.. I did swatch again for the Secret Garden; in Sheep Shop 3. I don't like the varigated, but I do like the way the fabric feels. I'll do a 3rd and maybe a 4th swatch, wash them, and see how they come out. At this point, the Baby Bamboo is dead on regarding gauge, and I love the way it looks, so it's a front runner. I'm a bit worried about drape tho. I don't really want a lot of drape in the garment.

And the flipping socks? Sock 2 is giving me so much trouble, I could just scream. I need it to be finished by thursday night, and at the moment it's knit 4 rows, and rip out 3. I'm chalking it up to the tired thing.

Oh.. we went to the Tattoo convention in Calgary today. This is the one time a year I wish that I had BF's sense of smell (ie: none at all).. because that place smells like one giant arm pit. Approximately 98.2% of the atteendees are wearing black from head to toe, and you are guaranteed to run across more roller derby gals in one room than ever before (or after) in your life. It was fun (tho, we plan to get tattoos next year, so it'll be better); BF bought 2 blades for his upper ear piercing. He had to agree that they are 'weekend only' pieces. They look nice tho; one is black, the other steel.

It's 1:27am. Tired? No wonder.


Australoknitticus said...

It has totally been a hard month. Thankfully the end is in sight. I got up late yesterday, ran errand with the Boy, got home, napped, went for sushi, came home, went to sleep and I am STILL tired!!! Hope you got some rest...

Linda said...

Low carb - ick! My husband goes on that kick once in awhile and that week is hell for me. I am just a carb person and that's that. I'd prefer to go to the gym every day than give up my snackies and my martini... ;-)

Tattoos = YAY! Tattoo Shows = not so much. So what are you planning on getting? And where? heh. And let's see some shots of the hubby's new hardware!