Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conscious incompetence

That's where I am at work right now. Gosh, it's been a very long time since I wasn't completely competent, and it's nerve wracking sometimes. I'm looking forward to the day that everything makes sense.

Like dyeing, for example. Colour makes a certain kind of sense to me. Sometimes it crashes and burns, but not too often. My 'technique' is based on a workshop I took in ceramic painting; the artist said that he didn't hold back with colour, because nothing could compete with flowers (he primarily made flower pots). So, I stick with forms of nature as a general rule and keep in mind that no matter what I do, flowers will be wilder, flowers will be more subtle, flowers will be brighter, and they will always be more brave.

Tonight I overdyed 4 batches of merino lace weight, and cold poured 2 batches of the same. I'll steam the cold pour tomorrow, so I have a lot of hours to figure out if the plan panned out or went awry.

The funniest thing this morning... Nini was here, sitting on my knee. The girls were watching a dance crew competition, and every time the people on TV clapped, so did Nini. Clearly she is advanced. :)

Above, a preminary look at 'Mixed Berry Sorbet'. Makes you think that summer might come one day soon.

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