Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You might throw up a little.

I was multi-tasking this afternoon... picked up Mug from school and stopped by Make One to: pick up a magazine, see if I could buy the Tulip Cardi kit, talk to Amy about my wool, and to show and tell the Mystic Waters.

Complete and utter success. I have the kit, the mag, the yarn discussion went well, and best of all, so did the show and tell. Amy told Heather that she might throw up a little when she saw the lace, and then Heather called me a name. I'd say that was a touchdown.

Please stop me from casting on Tulips. I'm begging you. I have monkeys on the needles, one waving lace sock, less than half of a cat's paw wrap, 1/2 of a stolen moments (oh man.. it is so completely awesome in Handmaiden's silk), and.. 2 finished clues on mystic waters. I'm almost done plying some natural grey alpaca I am spinning for Ike's socks...

Up until recently I never had more than one project going at one time. Then I realized that I get a whole lot more done if I'm not bored.

Apparently I'm not going to be bored for a very, very long time. Mr. Greenjeans you say.... hmmmmm.

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