Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spit splice

Who knew?

I learned about it just the other day, and tried it on SIL's socks today (even tho both yarns are not wool). Seemed to work just fine, but I guess I'll hear about it from Dida if the socks start to unravel.

Here are some instructions in case you'd like to spit on your wool.

I have a dog injury today, so I did knit... but only stockinette on the socks. I doubt that muscle relaxants and lace charts mix. Details on the dog injury as follows... I have had a nagging lower back injury for a few days; but nothing that a little rest won't take care of. I was speaking with Dida on the phone when my back went into a fierce spasm. I layed on the floor, waiting for it to pass when 20 lbs. of Shih Tzu love jumped from the couch directly onto my stomach. I folded in two, and had to call BF at work to help me off the floor.

The good news is that muscle relaxants cause really great naps. zzzzzz

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