Friday, November 2, 2007

A day without Cal is like a day without sunshine

I have been wanting a copy of 'Gathering of Lace'; honestly, it's about all I think of lately. I have lace-itis in the worst way. Anyway, today I was forced to wait for a customer to drive to the outskirts of Calgary from downtown, and I was thinking that I had just enough time to drive to Shuttleworks. So I added 30 minutes to my schedule because if you know Cal, you will know that it is totally impossible to forego an opportunity to chat with him. He has some interesting stories, that's for sure.

I have my book, safe and sound and in BF's hands. He's going to give it to me for Christmas. Yeah baby. Oh, and I also got 3 new dye colours in the orange family. I have a new colourway percolating in my imagination.

This evening I had the pleasure of going to Make One to celebrate SANDRA and AMY'S marriage (please note pecking order). There was much laughter, food and drink, and plenty of knitting as well. If I understand correctly, Marilynn and Amy are competing to finish their versions of the Tulip Baby Cardigan (please note that I'm on the waiting list for this pattern/yarn, and that my Nini will be wearing it soon) - anyway, Marilynn was working on the Tulip. That darned sweater is so yummy.

Hey... I went to a yarn shop and I didn't spend a dime. Holy smokes.

ps: BF took the attached picture 2 summers ago, and I'm posting it because I think it's fab and because the stall is inhabited by 'Annie'.

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