Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's too weird for words

In November Bess told me that the latest period of my life had been happy, but that it was over. The very next week her words came true when Amy told me that my job with Make One would end with 2008. Today was my last day as an M1 employee (tho let me clarify that M1 is not closing, it is simply for sale due to Amy's new job in Toronto).

It was the strangest thing when the clock struck 7, and I was done there.

At the end of this week I'll start my new job at the Knitting Room; I am so grateful that I have it, and I'm really looking forward to new challenges, new products, new people.

But man.. how weird.


Anonymous said...

Not that wierd! I think you will see allot of the same people...... The knitting community here in Calgary is so small for such a big city...... I go there all the time, "The Knitting Room" that is. I was affraid to ask on boxing day, has Make 1 been sold? I went to Make one Chat two today and learned it was closing....... So few places to buy nice ayrn......:( (Evilknittingtwin on Rav"

Anonymous said...

onward and upward babe :)

Gale said...

It is very strange to be leaving a situation you loved. Hopefully the new job will suit you as well. It's fabulous you managed to get another job in a yarn shop. Great job karma!

indiknits said...

Make One is for sale. We're talking to a few potential buyers. We are NOT closing though!

Catie said...

I live very close to the knitting room - if I know when you will be there I'll come visit/shop. Will you be teaching there?

knittinggrammy said...

Annie Bananie - we will all follow you to the ends of the earth!! Smooch!!

Sara G said...

I'm with knittinggrammy.
I am glad that The Knitting Room isn't at the end of the earth though, too much of a commute. ;-)
You will be sorely missed though.
Luv yah babe.