Thursday, December 25, 2008

The very best part...

The little ones make Christmas so special.. and we were so glad to have Nini here for a little while. She had a lot of fun playing the Wii, and the dogs aren't scaring her as badly as they were at Thanksgiving. Make sure you watch until the end, where there is some really excellent fake laughter (and me, really laughing, in the background).

Overall, we had a great day and everyone was truly spoiled. I'm really glad we delayed Christmas dinner until tomorrow, because, frankly, I'm too tired to enjoy it.

Donna loaned me her Majacraft Rose to spin on over the holidays, and I'm in some kind of heaven. We're a good pair, that wheel and I.

God bless you all, and I hope that you have a most wonderful Christmas season.


edlyn said...

That was wonderful!
Thank You for sharing Nini with us.


Donna Jensen said...

annie, So nice of you to share that video - she is oh so cute and the laugh is adorable. So glad to hear that you and Rose are having such a good time together. She really enjoys a good spin.
I had a great time with 3 of my daughters in Edmonton and will be home again this weekend.