Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ken Leeeeeee, if leeving is without you

Ok, I'm referring to the Signature needles that the Yarn Harlot was talking about a couple days ago. I know when I'm in trouble, and believe me.. I AM IN BIG TROUBLE.

I have a teeny tiny needle addiction. I admit it. (That's the first step, right?). It was bad enough when it was Addis, and I spend 5 days a week surrounded by them. Even with a case full of circs, I have been seriously considering the click set when they are finally available.

So, I'm going to do you a little favor here; because really.. in order to arrive by Christmas the needles have to be ordered by tomorrow. A link of love.

I know I can count on you. My peeps.

Joking aside, I was seriously considering a lone set of 14" - 4.5mm, with a stiletto point, and a teardrop top. The thing is (begin logic).. I have the Kingscot pattern, and I'm mulling over what yarn I'm going to use. Wouldn't it just be perfect with a set of Signature needles? Wouldn't it just?

Hey.. the crochet thing is going really well. I figured out where I was going wrong, and it seemed like I might get to the end of a 7 row repeat without further ado. Instead, I think I have to frog back to row 4 again; perhaps 5. But you know.. it's all exciting because it's new, and I STILL BELIEVE.

I'm not going to talk about this morning for a day or two. I want to savor it just a little longer.


mtlaise said...

Ooh.. I tell you the Addi Clicks would be on my wish list were I richer or had friends who were! Luckily, your evil intentions of getting me hooked on those signature needles failed. Mwahahaha!

Have a great day and savour every moment!

Gale said...

I have been coveting those needles for quite a while. I'd like them to make 2.5 mm dpn's - something I've been having a terrible time finding.

It will be great to hear about the breakfast.

...AnnaRose... said...

Needles are tools and good tools are important ;)
Am I in trouble now too? ;D


Jocelyn said...

I'd never heard of these fantastic needles 'til Stef posted them, and wow!

Does make 1 have 100cm addi circs in size 1.5?

I may have a problem, too. mwah!

indigirl said...

Mm... I knit a few stitches on Stephanie's sock last night at LK. The needles ARE all that and a bag of chips.

And you know how much I hate metal dpns.