Saturday, May 10, 2008

One down, one to go.

Man, those are some BIG socks. I finished one, and it's too big for Jim. I hope that my recipient (I mean 'target') has a hubby with big feet, or these socks are going into the dumpster. Come on.. 72 stitches? On a 2.75mm needle???? I'll be 'dead' long before the second sock is done, I'm quite sure.

Today we went to the HWSD fiber sale at Old's college. I was hoping to find a fleece or two, but no such luck. What I got was a whole crapload of silk from Treenway Silk, 2 - 600 yd skeins of softly spun alpaca and 3 bags of fiber. I came away quite happy.

Afterwards we went geocaching; logged 7 finds today (which is a pretty darned good afternoon, if I do say so).

And tomorrow's Mother's day. I'm talking poached egg, home made card, I'll probably see Dida and Nini, Survivor finale kind of Mother's day. If I finished the second sock, it'd be completely overwhelming. Honestly.


Denny gets coffee in the morning said...

keep going you can do it, keep knitting, keep knitting, you can do it.

Happy moms day. I have to work.

lori said...

There's a fiber sale at Olds College??? I need to get out more...

That sock is big! (glad to see you got them done though... )