Monday, September 6, 2010

ok.. I've got some stuff for sale

Prices do not include shipping. Heavier items such as the wheel and the fabric cannot be shipped. Email me at if you see something you'd like, or you have further questions.

A Rubbermaid container full of soap making materials. Dyes, fragrances, essential oils, molds, a book, etc. $15.00

Here's an interesting story.... A few years ago I had the honour of purchasing the estate of one of the Lethbridge Spinner & Weaver guild founders. One of the things included was this bag of vintage handspun. It's a big bag, the yarn is sound, and some of it is labelled with handwritten notes such as: Carded by Donna. :) $25.00

Anybody still have a VHS machine? Here's an Ashford how to spin instructional tape. Buy something else, and I'll throw it in if you ask for it.

A small bag of Suri and a bit of tinsel. Buy something else and I'll throw it in if you ask.

Kid Merino, hand dyed locks. $5.00 each.

Some Rose Llama from Saskatchewan, hand dyed rose to.. well, rose it up. $7.50 SOLD

A Yak sample. $5.00 SOLD

Miscellaneous bags of hand dyed BFL. $10.00 each.

This is a whole lot of scoured and drum carded Shetland. I bought a small fleece from Linda Wendelboe at Olds (you know she rocks!). You have have this and the balance of the unscoured fleece for $25.00

This fabric is 100% silk, 6 yards, and the colour is golden not taupe

This is a large Rubbermaid container full of yards and yards of fabric. At one time I was doing some costuming, and this fabric is from that period. There are maybe one or two small pieces, and the balance is yards and yards and yards per piece. There are silks, upholstery fabric, cottons, muslins, etc... Spectacular! $200.00 for the works, which is approximately what I paid for the silk alone.

Here's the wheel I mentioned the other day. It's an Indian Princess Style with a massive bobbin; mostly used for spinning art yarn. The wheel is rustic, but spins just fine. Speaking of fine, I put some tension on the bobbin, and I was shocked to find that I could spin quite a fine yarn with it. So.. It's up to you what your final result is. $75.00

Loads of bags of pretty marbles and polished river stones. The very second you buy this, I'll remember what I was going to do with them. $15.00 for all of them.

A mixed bag of fun stuff to spin art yarn (or.. for crafts!). Ribbons, flowers, buttons, crochet thread, giant paperclips, novelty yarn, a cute little bird... too much to mention. Everything for $15.00

A large bag containing many, many balls of handspun singles. Wool is not identified. Also included is a back, two fronts and a part of a sleeve for a partially knitted men's cabled sweater. An intermediate to advanced knitter would easily be able to complete this garment. All for $30


Kayla W said...

The Llama and the Yak are MINE! MINE!!! I can give you cash next week. This week is SUPER busy. Do you still have the Cormo?

junglygirl said...


Are you going to the knitting retreat in Banff? I would be interested in buying your Indian Princess wheel...I may end up having to give it to Hasmi, as I'm flying out. What are the dimensions?

Can you message me on Ravelry?

random Cindy said...

What an interesting wheel. And so not the surprise, you could spin fine on anything!

...AnnaRose... said...

Hi Annie,

I would like to have the shetland fleece and the soap making stuff. I'll be either at one of the next knit nights at TKR or the Gilli meeting.