Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh duh

It just struck me that I could put more than one bead on a crochet hook at a time, and therefore speed up the process of inserting them.

I've been knitting the Aeolian, and so far, so good. It requires approximately 2250 beads; the discovery was significant.

The Columbia from AK

columbia single (prudence)

Some BFL/Silk that I'm spinning. 4 oz down, 4 to go.

silk/bfl single


Kourtney said...

Ever tried the dental floss trick? I'm pretty fond of it.

..... Carmen said...

Would you like to borrow Grace? She loves to put the beads onto the hook for me :) I could drop her off at the store for a couple of hours - lol.

Shell said...

That is a lot of beads. Also very nice pictures.

aunty tink said...

My "Oh Duh" is bigger than your "Oh duh" My Aeoleon is stalled until i can get more beads. I ordered them a month ago and they're still not here.