Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair mask

Did you hear about the time I had banana head? I heard that mashed banana was a good hair mask, so I tried it. Short on details, I left it in my hair too long and was picking hunks of banana, and banana seeds out of my hair for some time. Kim cut my hair during the banana days, and the quote is: Well. (pause) That's a first.

So tonight I invented a concoction of my own, involving mayo, an egg yolk, honey and some apple cider vinegar.

Pray for me.

The Aeolian is cruising towards the finish line. I'm on the last chart. I really love it.

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...AnnaRose... said...

I don't remember the banana head but your new mixture sounds way better ;) I'm doing something similar with my henna head. I use henna, black tea, olive oil and egg yolks when I henna my hair. The most important thing with mayo and egg yolk in your hair is to rinse as cold as possible because water that is too warm or even hot denatures it and you may look worse than banana head ;)