Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shrove Tuesday...

And Mug would like to leave for school early, thank you very much. Graciously, the two other girls I drive to school each morning agreed to leave at the crack of 7:30 as well. Imagine my surprise (not... didn't I say this would happen?) when I looked outside to see 6 inches of new snow. The roads are pretty awful, but we were very lucky to follow a snow plow up the hill, and then again back down. Even though the hill had been sanded/plowed not 5 minutes ago, on the way back home a saw a van totally stuck.. spinning, spinning, spinning tires.

(OH! Mug's award at school yesterday was for Religion. It meant a lot to me, because it's one of the few subjects that she doesn't have an IPP for, so she won it with the same requirements as any other student in her grade. She's doing so well!)

Last night wasn't terribly successful. I tried to listen to the Delta Sleep System on my iPod, but it kept waking me up in a shock.. as though I'd heard a loud, sudden sound. So I took off the headphones, and tried plan M (I went back downstairs and crawled into bed with Mug). The rest of the night went well.

I think that I'm anticipating insomnia and it's causing problems at this point. And, I'm ashamed to say.. we have two dogs that sleep on the bed, and they both have to go. I can't stand it. Being a light sleeper in a standard double bed with one BFML who snores if he's not sleeping on his right side, and two dogs (one of which also snores) is bordering on crazy. I'm partial to the BMFL, so the dogs are going to have to hit the road. Or the floor. Or a crate.

BFML says to pick a day, and we'll get them off the bed once and for all. It'll be a tough couple of weeks, but we'll get it done.

Gosh, that's going to be hard on Rox. She was abused, and totally crate bound when we got her. It borders on impossible to get her into a crate, and I think she's going to be very afraid. She used to be a tiny little waif of a thing, and she's now a big, honkin pony of a dog.. she just doesn't fit on that bed. One of us has to go.

I found the comments on the insomnia post to be fascinating. I'm going to try to compile the information and make my way through it. I was very interested in Sharon's post and her website, which I am linking to in case you too would like to have a deeper understanding of what she does.

No knitting news... I tried to work on the Lady Eleanor, but I was just too tired to knit. I have 1.5 bobbins of a hand dyed cashmere/silk on the go, but that also is on hold. I ought to start on the second Valentines day sock.. a mindless knit would be good (tho, Lady Eleanor isn't far from that).

Meanwhile.. the big, giant Sorrel boots are de rigeur for today, and perhaps a snow shovel as well...


Elaine said...

Sorry you had another bad night. I had never heard of the Delta system (I just googled it) It sounds like some sort of music that is supposed to work for anyone. But I would think that what is restful to me, is not necessarily good for you.

Do try a book on tape. In our library system, you can borrow books on tape or CD, plus there are lots that you can just download to an MP3 player. Find a soothing voice and try it. I invented this for myself after years of desperation, and it has literally changed my life. I started having sleep problems when I was in junior high, many many years ago. I thought I would never get a good night sleep. I discovered this by accident - I started listening to books on tape as something to do when I couldn't sleep, and found I was asleep before I knew it. I've been doing this for several years now and have not had one bad night since, except the few times I've traveled and forgotten an audio book. I am definitely addicted.

Cindy Davies said...

Would Rox feel better if she is with what's his name? I can't believe I can't remember his name. Don't tell him okay? Brownie would cry all night if he couldn't get into our room. Bigger bed? And about J's snoring. You can get over that in a few weeks too. Really. Unless he has a medical problem. Just elbow him every single time he snores, wake him enough to get him to change position to stop snoring. DH ground his teeth when we were first married. I would elbow him awake and growl "grinding". Took a few months but I cured a problem he'd had for years. He doesn't snore often but if he does I just say "snoring" in a normal tone of voice and it wakes him up enough to shift position and stop. (Okay, I mean annoyed tone but normal volume.)