Sunday, February 1, 2009

I have silk!

Tibetan Spindle, Silk Hankies
An example of silk hankies spun on a Tibetan spindle.

I also have a wheel for sale! It is a Louet S-75 single treadle, quite old but still very spinnable. Comes with 3 big bobbins, and a bobbin holder (not shown); all for $225.00 cdn. I am not willing to ship the wheel, but will deliver within Calgary.

These “hankies” or “mawata” are great for spinning, felting, needlework, pulling thin and knitting straight from the fiber or many other projects. These, and all other items that have been for sale on my blog of late are in support of my trip to Mexico in March to build houses with a group of other missionaries.

Items are listed in Canadian dollars, and do not include shipping (mouse over or click on images for item numbers, weight, and price). Please leave me a comment or an email (to if you'd like to make a purchase.

silk1 - SOLD (darch)

silk2 - SOLD (darch)

silk3 - SOLD (mrs.robinson)

silk4 - SOLD (darch)

silk5 - SOLD (mrs.robinson)

silk6 - SOLD (jacinda)

silk7 - SOLD (edlyn)

Silks 8 though 16 are much, much darker and richer in colour than shown below. Because of their reflective nature, I cannot get an accurate representation of their colour or shade.

silk8 - SOLD (jacinda)

silk9 - SOLD (kourtney)

silk10 - SOLD (jacinda)

deleted the poor ugly picture

silk12 - SOLD (edlyn)

deleted the poor ugly picture

deleted the poor ugly picture

deleted the poor ugly picture

silk15 - SOLD (edlyn)

silk16 - SOLD (darch)


mtlaise said...

Ooh! How much for the hankies? They're so pretty!

Anonymous said...

#7 and 12 please!!!


Anonymous said...

# 15, too.


Cindy said...

Dibs on 6, 8 and 10 since Edlyn took 15. :P

Kourtney said...

Oooh... I'll figure out what to do with these when I get back...

Please #3, 5, & 9 for me.

(And the timing sucks - once I'm back from NZ, if there's still that wheel, I might have to come & have a look at it... but I think that's too late for your teip, right?)

Gorgrous stuff.

Darch said...

1 2 4 and 16 please!