Thursday, February 26, 2009

I designed a cow blanket yesterday

Now, in your imagination, I am quite sure that you just visualized a white blanket with big black splotches. Then, perhaps, you wondered if it was going to be for a baby, or would it be full sized?

In fact, the blanket will be FOR a cow. Well, for Jesus actually. Jesus in the form of a cow.

She's going to knit this blanket on great big needles, and out of Sari Silk Ribbon (which comes in some beautiful colours, and has a sparkly silver strip down the middle), and then she will take it to an ashram in India for a celebration. It's going to have fluffy loops on two, perhaps three, edges. That cow is going to be a thing of beauty. I wonder if it will be in a parade?

That same day I was processing incoming orders, when I saw the colours of two back ordered yarns.

1. Dingle.
2. Berries.

I kid you not.

Just in case you thought that working in a yarn store is boring, I have to straighten you out. It isn't. Sometimes you have cowblanketdingleberry days.

The sleeping isn't dire, but it's not great either. Somewhat better is what I'd call it... but last night I (without a thought) had a piece of organic chocolate. I 'felt' it immediately, and realized that I have a bit of chocolate almost every night, an hour or two before bed. I think that is the end of that.


Jersey said...

At least it wasn't a dingleberry ice cream day :-). Whenever you deal with cows you are likely to encounter dingle berries. I think someone famous said that.

Sorry your sleeping issues aren't vanished. Dropping chocolate at night should help.

Hey, you of all people, should try counting ... sheep :-)

Kourtney said...

You know, I totally thought "What on earth would possess someone to knit a blanket for a cow? Cows are BIG. Why not sew a cover if they really need one? Like a horse cover, or a greyhound coat, or...". The potential for it to be a cow print never even crossed my mind. And I've spent enough time working in fabric stores to infer that boring is certainly not a given for yarn stores. :)

And as far as chocoloate - look at it as a nice thing to have in the morning!

katerina said...

I'm curious - what color is Dingle?