Friday, November 14, 2008

Some really great links

(Note to some sisters: Does Blogless-C have a laptop? It would be so good if she did)

Ok.. at the retreat I missed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's class on Knitting for Speed and Efficiency (a long story involving a teenager and complete lack of sleep on my part). I have been asking people to show me what they learned, and I have a basic idea of how to do it with a 14" straight (I haven't attempted her method on DPNs yet). At first it seemed really natural and almost second nature. I feel that it might have been the way I was taught when I was 4 years old, and that somehow I created a less efficient knitting style as the years went on. Anyway.. after some practicing, I am getting worse and worse. I'm going to master it though, because I want to. Period.

Because of the 'can't turn off the head' issue, I'm now looking at gazillions of posts and videos on knitting techniques. YouTube is a wonderful place, is it not? If you aren't a member of Ravelry (why aren't you?) you could visit YouTube, and search 'How I Knit'. If you are a member, then click on this link. You'll need some time. Bring a snack.

If you don't feel like watching knitting technique videos, then do visit Amy Singer's November 14th blog entry and have a boo at an amazing little story teller. My head is still spinning with the pure enormity of a child's imagination.

Once you are finished hearing Capucine's story, perhaps you'd like to enjoy Djembe Man for a little while.

Djembe Man from Capucha on Vimeo.


Jocelyn said...

Hey Sweets!

Did anybody fill you in on the patriachial nature of traditional knitting technique? I'm SO inspired by SPM's class. Luf that girl!

PS Are you at the store this weekend?

Annie said...

No! Consider me not filled in; tho I'd sure like to be.


Yes! I worked today, and I'll also work tomorrow.

See you? (I'll be singing Joce.Joce.JoceJoceJoce soon, huh?)

knittinggrammy said...

BTW, no electronic gadgets allowed .....