Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kick a ginger day

Sometimes the internet is a terrible thing. Do a search on 'Kick a ginger day', and see how many reports you'll find on red headed kids who were battered last Thursday. Unfortunately Mug's school is one of those you could read about. And, she falls under the sub-heading of 'ginger'.

So here's a twist...(I reserve the right to adjust this story, as I haven't spoken with the school yet). She wasn't kicked; yet a girl at school is accused of doing so (kicking Mug, I mean) and seems to be under threat of suspension, or expulsion, or in Mug-land, a fine (hmmmm, that's a new one). If I understand Mug correctly, she said that the girl is innocent.

To the South Park writer who started this, and the goof-ball who decided to make a Facebook group, thanks so much. Lots of kids got beaten over your brilliance. Mug could easily have been one of them.

Scares me.


Linda said...

As a fellow "ginger" who endured being teased, spat on, hit and otherwise abused in school, kudos to Mug for not exacting vengeance on all past abusers by letting this girl take the fall for something she didn't do (not this time, anyways). I'd like to think I'd have been as magnanimous when I was her age... but who the hell am I kidding? I'd have killed to have someone, anyone, get called on the carpet for what they did to me. Just once.

Gale said...

That is just about one of the most shocking things I've read. And why would anyone in their right mind do something from South Park.

marnie said...

I hope the school gets to the bottom of the situation and takes serious steps. At the very least, obviously some intensive zero tolerance policies need to be put in place. I'm glad Mug is OK.

Cindy said...

That's appalling. I remember some teasing of the same sort as four-eyes and braceface, etc but I don't remember any kind of violence. I hate TV shows with rude adult content masquerading as children's fare. I'm glad Mug is safe and I hope those kids get the same discipline they would get if they had attacked some other minority group. How profoundly sick our society is.

Shelley said...

I'm very glad that Mug was unhurt. I'm just sad that people do this to one another.