Thursday, November 13, 2008

Since I last wrote

I received the bill for the Rhinebeck UTI. $800 something, USD. In case you've ever wondered if travel insurance is worth it, the answer is yes.

The Border Leicester fleece (1st 6 mos. clip) that I bought in Rhinebeck arrived. Yay. S'lovely. I bought it from Meadowland Farm (Hinesburg, VT), and Sue's business card has neither a website nor an email address. I kind of love that.

I went to the Make One Retreat in Kananaskis... what a beautiful, marvelous, amazing place. I met lots of fabulous people, ate THE very best veggie burger ever (thank you Stephanie for hooking us up). And Scarlett slept with me. For those of you who are unaware, Scarlett is the queen bee of all dogs, and she doesn't just hand out affection to each and all. We have a special relationship now.. I'm not allowed to look at her, or acknowledge that she's in my sphere, and in exchange, she lets me breathe the same air as she does. It's an amazing victory on my part.

View from our room, Delta, Kananaskis

Nancy Bush borrowed my lace weight drop spindle for the weekend. I don't think she actually used it, but I'm going to imagine that she did. (It's the little one on the left)

My spindles

I was the person who handed Cookie A the very first copy of her book. For real!

I've knitted mittens and mittens and mittens. Many more rights than absolutely necessary, to be frank. Apparently I am an unconscious right-knitter.

I saw my Nini tonight. She is completely and absolutely enthralled with Dora... so we watched it 3 times. What are Nans for anyway, if not for giving little girls the world on a platter?

Teenagers are stressful. Take my word for it. Teenage girls take the cake some days/weeks/months. If teenage girls were an earthquake, ours would be a 7.5. I thought I should mention that our kids are: 26 (married, and gone...), 14, 13, 12, and 9. All but the 9 y/o are girls. My house is a cloud of estrogen.

Speaking of exhaustion, I have been wiped out since Rhinebeck. 'I can barely function' kind of exhausted. I keep saying that I'm going to the doctor, but I'm too tired to get there.

My glasses arrived. The left eye is perfect and I really love the frames.

I now own 7 tiaras. One came with a wand. It sparkles.

After the retreat, BFML, the kids and I went to the Banff Hot Springs. It was hot and springy. It was snowing a little bit, and we really enjoyed it. I wore a t-shirt into the pool and felt just as fat as if I hadn't worn it, plus extra stupid because I was the only person in the pool with one on.

Banff Hotsprings

I also went to Jacques Cartier and bought a little more Qivuit fiber. Perhaps we bought a little fudge on the trip. Maybe.

Big Bear at the fudge store in Banff

I have the yarn all picked out to knit THE JARED SCARF. I never, ever would have guessed I'd fall into that one.. but the Silk Garden threw me over the edge.

And last.. but certainly not LEAST.. because it's actually so flipping amazing that I could weep from joy. The Twist Collective finally accepted my $7.00 US, and I have the pattern for Kingscot in my hand. I.SO.DO. Tiny glitch: I thought I had yarn for it, but I don't. I'm going to imaginary knit until I get that sorted out.

So there you go. Some stuff since I last wrote. How were you?


Gale said...

That's a lot of stuff.

Shelley said...

I love the Kingscot pattern I think it would look great on you.

I'm also very glad that you had a chance to go to the Hot Springs, you needed the treat. Also I have a big hug waiting for you the next time I see you.