Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Lori:

Did So.


Now, as a quick update, I reached 52nd St. this morning as I climbed HOME ROAD. It wasn't much of an improvement, but it was a few yards further than my previous benchmark. Now that I have a super fabulous Cannondale Quick Fem 4 (apparently I am SHORT. The bike is a custom woman's frame, and mine is Petite). I'll be going to Bow Cycle tomorrow between soccer games to pick up my new bike (complete with a bell, a water bottle holder, and rack).

Now, I have been doing some non bike related stuff. I've been knitting a no-purl version of the Monkey Sock in STR for the Guild sock exchange in July. One down, one to go. Also I've been having some fun spinning on a new Jenkins Spalted Tamarind Turkish Delight. It's an amazing little thing that spins and spins and spins.

I have to say, that if you are considering a Jenkins spindle, get ready for a lovely experience. I had randomly written many months ago, merely wondering about a spalted spindle. Wanda Jenkins had kept my request on file until one came up, and then wrote to me giving me first dibs on it. When the spindle arrived it was wrapped in tissue, a silk hankie, more tissue and some combed romney. There was a beautiful hand-written note in the package. The whole package was in a bubble wrap bag, and then in a padded envelope. I think the Jenkins' care about every aspect of their business, and customer service is job one. I've been spinning some pink and some blue silk hankies, and having a real ball doing so.

If one could spin and bike ride at once, the world would be a happy place.

PS: I'm registered for Stampede. A shawl and some handspun; pictures to follow.


Australoknitticus said...

Mizz Bananie, I'll pay money to see you do it. :-)
IK - How are the push ups going?

Cindy said...

So you CAN knit two of the same sock. ;)

I have SOOOO had that thought, cycle and spin at the same time. Obviously it would be easy to set up a stationary bike to do it but what's the challenge of that? Don't think too much about it, I'm sure it would be too dangerous, what with dogs and cars and pedestrians, etc. It could be a great new sport! - SpinCycling, lol, You have to spin all of your fiber by the time you get to the finish line!

Shelley said...

You make your new spindle sound so sexy.

Oh and I finally found out what a Spin Class was. Very disappointing since it didn't include yarn at all.