Sunday, April 26, 2009

This and that

IMG_4511.JPGLet's start with eggs.

I'm in a three way tie for being the world's biggest poached egg fan; IK and Darts are the other two contenders.


This Thursday at TKR one of the knitters offered up two dozen local farm eggs. I jumped at the opportunity, and this weekend I have had the pleasure of turning several of them into poached eggs. BFML had previously created a berry jam that I had on a second piece of toast. Problem with those eggs? Some of them are just too big and the poaching is a bit tricky. Now that's a sad, sad story, isn't it?

BFML went on a motorcycle ride to the island. He is very particular about how the dishwasher is loaded, and it drives him into a flap if dishes are sitting around.. I'm a 'fill the sink, and then load the dishwasher' person.


Yay. My way this week.


This is a very special little silk hankie. I was dyeing a stack of them blue, and this lone hankie (ok.. maybe 5) somehow attached itself to another fiber. I have left it on the baker's rack, because I like looking at it, and imagining what it might like to be when it's spun.


I've been dyeing some sock yarn; doing experiments. This particular batch has been quite successful. The colours in the picture are not representative in any way; the yarn is actually an almost black-brown, with reds and oranges. Wayyyyy nice.


Last weekend, Vikingmaid made me these combs. They are lethal, and useful, and some kind of wonderful. I've had part of Cormo hogget fleece #750 washed and partially spun since last spring. Now that I have combs I'm going to work through the balance of the fleece. It's kind of fun to comb a bit now and then, and watch the little clouds pile up.

I've been knitting too.. but we'll save that for later.


Cindy said...

Hee hee. I hate doing dishes. Eggs are good. I love the color of that hankiette. Do you have brown eggs in the stores too? We do up here but other parts of the country usually have white eggs. Brown eggs make lovely muted dyed Easter eggs.

Australoknitticus said...

Mizz Bananie, that egg looks all kinds of fine... that is the quintessential poached egg.

Kourtney said...

Hm. To me, the silk hankie looks like it's readying itself to leap into action - to make itself into something! Maybe a fiber super-hero, or, erm. A kindergarten teacher - they're heroic too.
I was going to ask if you're of the "poached eggs sans poacher" persuasion - crack 'em right nto the water - but I'm guessing because of your comment on size, you're an egg poaching pan gal.
Personally, I'm a "fry 'em in bacon grease" gal, but only occasionally.