Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is how it went

I thought I'd ride the Voyageur to the train station; stopping on my way to fully inflate the tires. I had even gone to Calgary Transit's web page to find out the rules and regulations, and voila!... I'm good to go.

Until realizing that air is coming out and not going in to the tube and that I now have a completely flat back tire. Sooooo... I walked the bike home (cursing the gas station for not putting up a sign), and looked for my small hand pump. (Note to readers: never buy one of those things, they are about 95% useless).

Found it, and noticed that the tube stem is not diagonal. After a sweat inducing round of pumping it has been determined that the tube does not accept air as is, so I put the bike away and decided that I'd walk to the train station with BFML. He had a few things to do before he left that took me from the cusp of enough time, to not enough time.

The dog pooped by my desk, and the cat puked by the front step.


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