Thursday, June 24, 2010

YO, universe!

BFML reminded me there's a compressor in the basement... So Mildred the Voyageur's back tire is fully inflated. However, at this particular moment in time I cannot locate my newly tiara'ed helmet.

Just as well I would imagine.

(we had a wonderful ride together to the locksmith's, where i acquired new truck & house keys. everything went well and mildred and i are one with each other. you will note in the picture that there is a mr. potato head on the steps as well as a pooper scooper. chez R, ever so elegant)


random Cindy said...

What a happy image this morning. I need to get a helmet before the 4yo neighbor hyperventilates.

Annie said...

4yo neighbor is a smart kid! i want your head protected too.