Saturday, February 6, 2010

In case you need to cheer up a 10 year old boy.

You rhyme things with fog.

Start with bog fog, and end with something like: Slog, the green frog, wearing togs while sitting on a log, said 'grog' in the bog fog. I'm quite certain there was a dog that may or may not have been agog, writing his blog.

So. That's how you do it.

Also, burping helps.

It is completely impossible to cheer up a 14 year old girl, and you are crazy if you try. I'm just sayin.

(As an aside, I have never seen so much fog, for so many days, in this province before. It's like living on the island again)


aunty tink said...

It makes grown-ups smile too. (too bad that D not thinks you're just a little crazy now)

Kourtney said...

In related news, Mat had a cat & a hat, upon which he sat, making it flat. And that was that.

I was going to ask you to take your camera with you, if you're biking & it's foggy/frosty... I'd love to see some pics of the trees along the river.