Monday, February 15, 2010

Flowers and chocolates and more

The big weekend started off well... Apache, with steller aim, dropped his dog toy into my coffee; therefore teaching me that it's a dumb idea to put the cup down on the floor beside my feet.

dog toy in my coffee

Mug received a dozen red roses, and a heart shaped box of chocolates.. her first. Seems like a milestone.

maddie's first flowers

BFML and I went to the Friends Church with his marvelous sister and her amazing husband. Afterwards we went to Lina's and ate everything in the store that wasn't nailed down. Awesome.

Otherwise, I've been watching the Olympics from morning until night for 3 days, during which I've completed the 10th border repeat of my first Orenburg lace project (The Eastern Star Gossamer Shawl). There have been some ups and downs... let me tell you, a dropped stitch is darned near the end of the world. The first one cost me 15 rows of knitting before I could get a clear pickup. It came this.close to being frogged. Knitting in 2/64 weight cashmere is akin to knitting with 2 human hairs, and let me tell you, it is challenging on nerves, patience and the eyeballs.

the eastern star gossamer shawl, border

And, polar opposite... I've been working on Wool Leaves, by Jared Flood. It's knitted with 2 strands of Cascade Eco, and couldn't be further away from the Eastern Star project. Quick, fluffy, warm, and easy... it'll be a great store sample. I'm knitting it somewhat longer than the pattern calls for, so instead of a bulky baby blanket, it'll be a wrap of some sort.

wollen leaves

And now I'm tired.

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random Cindy said...

Oh the joys of having a dog!