Sunday, November 15, 2009


We're having fajitas tonight, and I remembered to soak beans for frijoles. When we were in Mexico in the spring we were served plenty of them, that is a fact. Most of the kids (and a few of the adults) weren't all that enamored, but I love the stuff. Correna, Gordana and I have been to a Latin grocery store a number of times lately, and I've got a sizable collection of dried beans of every sort. Tonight? White Cranberry.

I'm all over the place with knitting these days. I've knitted 2.5 pairs of socks to raise money for my ride, I repaired a vintage Cowichan sweater, I started on a pair of Tsock Tsarina socks (Daughter of the Regiment) only to discover that the pattern has errata, and the error would be exactly in the part that I've completed. I'm excited about the socks, so I'll let them rest for a while, and start again. I learned 3 new ways to cast-on toe-up socks (they aren't my style, I must admit), and finally settled on Judy's Magic Cast-On. Beautiful. Through the power of prayer and $40.00 I also have another Tsock Tsarina kit; that being the Golden West tsocks. I thought I'd work on them during the Year of Estonian/Orenburg Lace Knitting.. you know; for a little change of pace.

Today I'm knitting on a little Damson shoulder shawl in Pagewood Farm Cashmere sock yarn (Alyeska, colour: 14-Ireland) that I bought at Purl SoHo when we went to Rhinebeck last year. This will be the yarn's 5th project so far. I have to say, it frogs well and still looks great. I'm hoping that this project is a keeper and I can once and for all say goodbye to the skein.

I am STILL not feeling well, and that's the reason for the Damson. My hands ache too much to knit socks.. so we're settling for something soft and easy.

My next project? Longies for one of the darling R's.

After the beans, and after a sock, but before the Damson sees the light of day.

(note: 11pm. Beans are done. Supper is a distant memory. Failbean)

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