Sunday, January 24, 2010

Substitution link

And it will be the last link for a while... you must be bored.

Here's my issue; people often come in to the store wanting to use a yarn of a completely different gauge. let's say it's thinner. Clearly they're going to need to knit a bigger size, and they'll need more yarn (due to the change in both stitch and row gauge). How do I do the calculation?

Turns out it's harder than I thought. I was hoping it would be something like: multiply by X-2 (X being something easy, like.. my shoe size). I think in general I'm just going to have to let the calculation be the responsibility of the customer; because I'm just not willing to make an error that would leave them without enough yarn, and nor do I have the time to do a complete and accurate calculation.

Better yet, I suggest that everyone knit Evelyn A. Clark patterns. Often she includes yardage for multiple weights.

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random Cindy said...

Yep. Not your problem. And don't you think that usually the author of the pattern chose a certain weight of yarn for a reason? Of course that doesn't stop me from trying to knit everything in lace or fingering since I can't seem to manage to spin heavier. Actually I finally did, these last two came out respectably worsted . . . I think.