Thursday, April 10, 2008

Payback is a .. well, you know.

We have had a very, very mild winter this year. Honestly, there's been hardly a day when we were lamenting about how many consecutive below zero days there have been. Why, just a few short weeks ago we saw a guy pooping in the alley. Would anybody drop their pants in Montreal around the same timeframe? Toronto even? I think not. Some would be looking for hints of green and leaf buds; but we're noticing bare behinds.

That was until today.

When I took Mug to school at 7:00 it looked as though it might have rained a little. Fifteen minutes later the snow was coming down thick and heavy. By 10:00 it was over a foot deep in our neighborhood, and when the dogs went outside they couldn't manage to deal with it.. the snow was over their shoulders! I heard that we broke a snowfall record that was set in April, 1920.

No kidding!

Above, a few shots of the mini-stairs of death (one of many in town that fitness buffs use for cardio). I decided to walk to work, and when I approached the stairs they looked more like one huge, long slide. There was no evidence of stairs at all!

It never got very cold (wet, yes) and eventually the blizzard petered out, only to start again in the late afternoon.

Tomorrow? Flooding. Count on it.

A few pictures of the Heartland.


Anonymous said...

I am such a snow nuffy that I didn't even stop to think about where all the melted snow/water goes.....floods aren't good :-(
I've already told you how taken I always am with pics of the snow...but I can't begin to imagine how cold it must be!

Annie said...

hehe! barely cold at all. just wet!

Spinknitty said...

Oh my gosh -- we've had a tough winter, but it's finally spring in Michigan. I thought the St. Patrick's Day snow storm was a pain -- hang in there; spring is coming. :o)